Thursday, January 7, 2010

December 30, 2009: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Part 1)

Hello! Sorry that this e-mail is coming a few days later than expected...I was sick! I was so worried about not being able to e-mail you on Monday but I am so thankful that Tieneke was able to e-mail you and that you responded back to her. She called yesterday morning to check in on me again and tell me that she had heard from you. I am feeling much better now! Last week my stomach was not feeling good and really early Monday morning I woke up and just lost everything! Not a very pretty picture, I know, but I think that is what I get for having 11 dinner appointments in 6 consecutive days. I have never eaten so much in my entire life! Monday we stayed in the whole day because I was really weak and had a little bit of a fever but luckily by yesterday morning I was feeling good enough to be able to get up, get ready, and make it to Apeldoorn by 9:30 to have interviews with President Brubaker and training with the Zone Leaders. I was so glad and thankful that I didn't have to miss interviews! I have to tell you that I am just gaining a stronger and stronger testimony of the power of prayer, especially of the prayers of others. I have told you countless times that I can feel your prayers, and I really can! I know that just about the time you received the e-mail from Tieneke and found out that I was sick, you started to pray for me that I would get better and I could feel it! It was so amazing! You all have so much faith and I am so blessed by your faith and actions! Thank you so much for the prayers you offer in my behalf! It was so good to talk to you on Christmas and that was the best present ever!!! I could hardly keep my emotions under control the whole time but that was only to be expected talking to the ones I love the very most! You all sounded so great and it was wonderful to be able to hear from each one of you. Your words and encouragement just gave me a boost and brightened my holiday season. I am so thankful for your expressions of love...I only wish that I could express my love for all of you more adequately. The time on the phone went by SO fast but I know that because we tried to be obedient to the 30 minute rule I was blessed to cherish that time and then refocus on missionary work with not too much homesickness! That is a huge blessing! I do have to say that I keep replaying the conversations we had in my head because they just motivate me to keep going. THAT WAS AWESOME! The rest of my Christmas was really great and I felt "home"for Christmas being here with the members and investigators. They all took such great care of us and we didn't spend more than an hour in our apartment from the 23 of December until the 27. They all had gifts for us and did all that they could to give us a really special experience for Christmas in the Netherlands. It really was a Christmas I will never forget! I learned such a wonderful lesson this Christmas because I wasn't able to give gifts like I normally would have. At times it was so hard to always be on the receiving end from you and the people here, and especially Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but I read a talk from President Monson where he says that the best gift that we can give is a part of ourselves. That was all I had to give this year-my testimony, love, and service. It was such a humbling and blessed experience to do all I could to give of myself. I am so thankful for the many experiences and opportunities that come along with serving the Lord full-time! Missionary work was put on hold a little bit because of all of the holidays and people being out of town but we are trying to get it up and going again! I will keep you posted on our investigators as we make contact with them again! We spent Christmas Eve with Nanda and that was really special. We also had Willeke at church with us and she is still progressing. Zwolle is such a blessed place! Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas package! I don't think that I was able to thank you enough for all of the wonderful things that you sent...sweaters(so cute!), scarves, gloves, ear muffs, socks, scarf book (WOW), CTR rings (I have already shared a couple-so cool!)...I was so blessed! I felt so much love this Christmas season, with the many packages, e-mails, letters, phone call! I received 14 Christmas letters yesterday and I just couldn't believe! I am so overwhelmed by the love and the service from others. Thank you so much! Sorry this e-mail is all over the place but I didn't have much time to prepare! Just know that I love you and you are always in my prayers! I hope that you have a wonderful New Year and enjoy time together! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Your birthday card will be coming a little late ( I feel so bad!) but I couldn't get it sent out on Monday because I was sick! Know that I love you and will be praying that you have a wonderful birthday! You are the best mom ever! Have a great day!Love,Zuster Sharp

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