Thursday, January 7, 2010

November 30: It's The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

Hey! How are you all doing? How fun to hear from so many of you today! First of all, CONGRATS JORDAN AND KRISTIN! What a fun surprise! I can't believe that you will have four little ones soon! I can hardly wait to hear what it will be. The family is growing so need to slow down and wait until I get home! Just kidding! You all keep me updated enough that I feel like I am there.
The pictures of Halloween and everything were so good to see. The kids all look so great (and so big!) in their costumes. We have Zone Conference this Wednesday at the Den Hague Temple (YAY!) and I am sure that I will get my Christmas package there but I will keep you updated!So did you have a Happy Thanksgiving, lip syncs, and Grandma and Grandpa's party? I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your time being together! I had a great week! Our numbers are really low for the number of investigators and lessons we have here in Zwolle but I am happy and I see that the work is moving forward! I just have to laugh when I receive your e-mails and you ask about investigators or potentials that we taught the week before (you are so good at staying interested and keeping up on the work here-it means so much to me) and I have to tell you that the appointment fell through or that they dropped happens almost every week so sometimes I am almost embarrassed! But I am not discouraged at all and I just keep trying! Miracles are happening and I just love the city of Zwolle! I know that I shouldn't ask you to do this, but transfers are next week and I would really like to stay here in Zwolle for at least one more transfer and for the Christmas season, so could you pray for me...either that I will stay here or that I will be excited to go to my next city...I am so anxioius to see what will happen. I have become really attached to this city but I know that the Lord will place me where he needs me most and that I will love whatever city I am called to serve in...but I really want to stay in Zwolle!We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with all of the missionaries in our Zone last Monday. It was so much fun to be together and I was really impressed by the delicious Thanksgiving dinner that the Elders pulled off! On Wednesday we had to make a trip down to Brussels for legality and that was a day long trip! It is 5 hours both ways in trains and trams and I got a little motion sick but there were lots of missionaries that were going down there so it was fun to be all together. It was especially fun to see and talk to Zuster Fritz and catch up on how she has been doing for the past couple of months. She is really having a hard time right now...I love her so much and I am so thankful that I was blessed to have her as a companion. On Thursday, all of our plans fell through and we were left with nothing to do for Thanksgiving. Luckily Tineke ended up inviting us over for some delicious panenkoeken...not quite the traditional Thanksgiving feast...but still a great holiday! Yesterday I ended up accompanying the YW in the Sacrament meeting program and it went over really well! I have built up such strong relationships with the members...I love them! We actually talked to a couple of them who shared experiences with us about how they have had missionary experiences based on the commitments we have given cool! I feel like my work in Zwolle right now is to build up and strengthen the members and help unify the branch so they are ready to receive new members. We are seeing success and bringing others unto Christ. We had 2 appointments with Mike this week and he is our only progressing investigator right now. He is really serious about the Book of Mormon and is finding answers to questions he has had all of his life.I love you so much! I hope that this e-mail finds you all well! I truly feel the power of your prayers and you are always in mine! Have a great week!

Love, Laur

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