Monday, February 21, 2011


Monday, February 21, 2011
Hello Family!
Thank you so much for your e-mails and your prayers in my behalf! You won't believe it but...I was sick another 3 days this week! WHAT?! I know, I was wondering the same thing! But I am now feeling better and even though I was sick we were still able to do so much work and see much success! The Lord poured out his blessings upon us!
By the way, thank you so much for the Valentine's package and cards! LOVED IT! The headband and necklace and earrings are adorable and the chocolate was delish! And your words of love and care meant the world to me. Thanks for always being so thoughtful and taking the time to do little things that just brighten my day! I hope that you had a very special Valentine's Day. We were able to go to the home of a recently divorced mother member and make dinner for her and her 1 year old son. Afterwards we went to Penninah's Bible Study and it was so cool! We sang some awesome African hymns and we had such a wonderful discussion with her and other church members about the Bible. On Thursday we went back and shared a first lesson with Penninah. It was a wonderful teaching situation because she was open to sharing her beliefs and we were open to sharing ours. Although she didn't agree immediately with what we believe in, she committed to pray about the things that we shared. It was so great to bear testimony. And then, she came to church yesterday! We were so excited to have her there. The members did so well at making her feel welcome and building up friendships with her. I believe that all of these small things will have a great impact in her life! I am excited to have another appointment with her this week and continue to share with her the message of the Restored Gospel.
Anyway, back to the beginning of the week a bit. On Tuesday we went to District Meeting in Leiden and on the way back I started to feel really crumby again. I couldn't believe it! But I pushed through and we went to our appointment with Gida with Victoria as our joint-teach. Gida ended up not being home and I think that was a blessing because by that time I was ready to lie down. We went back to our apartment and I crashed and didn't wake up until 5:30! I couldn't believe that I had slept that long but my body needed it. We rushed to our dinner appointment with Familie Peschier and made it through dinner but I was done after that. I slept through the night and tried to get up and start working the next day but I just didn't feel good. The Elders came and gave me a blessing and Sister Brubaker was updated on everything. She wanted me to set up an appointment with a doctor to get checked out because this was the third time that I was sick. Jolanda gave me a recommendation for a doctor and I called up and tried to get an appointment but because I have no Dutch insurance they wouldn't let me. I didn't really want to go to the doctor anyway because I feel like the reason I keep getting sick is not because there is something wrong with me but because my body is just tired! Anyway, by that time it was already 5:00 so it was too late to get a hold of another doctor. Luckily Zuster Jeffs was able to go to a couple of appointments with Victoria and another member, Carla van der Walt, came and stayed with me. The members do so much! On Wednesday night a new senior couple, the Evertons, who had just arrived the day before, came to visit and check on me. Sister Everton is a registered nurse and the sweetest lady ever! They brought beautiful tulips and chicken soup and just brightened our day. The next morning I was debating over whether or not I should try to get another appointment with another doctor. I prayed and told Heavenly Father that only if he arranged it I would go...I am so stubborn! A few minutes later we got a voicemail from Victoria and she told me that I had an appointment with a doctor the next day at 9:15. I couldn't believe it! Heavenly Father really made an appointment for me! I was able to work most of the day on Thursday. We had an appointment with Suleyka and things are going well with her. Friday I went to the doctor with Zuster Jeffs and the Evertons. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong but he sent me to the hospital to get blood drawn. I should find out the results tomorrow morning. I don't think that there is anything wrong...just keep praying for me! By Friday afternoon, after another appointment with Suleyka, I was worn out. We stopped at Zuster Navarro's to drop something off and I crashed again for 2 hours. What is going on with me! I get so embarrassed sometimes but I just have to laugh about it! Saturday we had a busy and full day and found lots of potential investigators! When we got home Saturday evening I got an itch to bake...and between Saturday evening and starting at 3:00 Sunday morning I was able to bake 250 cookies to share with the ward members after church again...CRAZY but so much fun! I love being able to do things like that every once in a while!
AHHH...I am out of time! I am feeling better now! I love this work and I am so excited for all that is taking place! I am also excited to see you in 3 weeks! I love you so much! I love Zuster Jeffs asked about her! She is the most amazing companion ever! and of course, I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Have a great week!
Love, Laur

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