Monday, February 28, 2011


Monday, February 28, 2011
Dear Family!
I am so happy right now! It is like I have the best of both worlds! The work here is going great and I am so happy about that and then I am so excited to think about seeing all of you soon! I can't wait! Heavenly Father seems to be pouring out many blessings right now and I am so thankful!
Thank you so much for your e-mails! I have to admit...Over the past couple of weeks I have become the worst letter writer ever! My p-days have been a little busy and I just want to give all of my time to serving so I hope that you know that I love you and I am thankful for your letters even if you don't get one in return. I figure by this time I might see you before a letter gets to you!
Dad, I want to put your questions as first priority so here it goes! I am so thankful and excited about the plans that are going down. I just get giddy thinking about being here with you! I think that it would be best to fly in and out of Amsterdam. It is pretty central in the Netherlands and especially to Den Haag, Zwolle, and Groningen. I would love to stay a couple of days in each city if that is at all possible. It's so hard to say...but if we did two days in Zwolle, two in Groningen, four in Den Haag, and then a couple of other free days...maybe 10 to 14 days? But I don't know what you are thinking. 2 weeks would give us a good amount of time to make our way around. But we could also stay up to a month or two...just kidding!
Well, we have seen a countless number of miracles this week! We found 3 super positive new investigators and they are all under the age of 16! I love them so much! I am so thankful that I am finally back to full health and that I was able to work a whole week! It is such a blessing! I had such a wonderful week. I feel like Heavenly Father is blessing Zuster Jeffs and I so much! We got two new investigators on Monday night. Their names are Felicia and Angelica. They are both foster children and Felicia just moved in with Familie Navarro, an active family in the ward. The family invited us to do a FHE with them last Monday and it was so good! We just started out simple with the girls because they are 14 and 16. We did a lesson on prayer and they were so interactive during the lesson. We also baked cookies with them afterwards and they loved that. They came to church last week and Angelica came to church yesterday. We will be going again tonight to do a FHE with them again. I feel like they are just in the best situation to learn about the Restoration. And it turns out that their biological father lives in America and he is a member too!
Our other new investigator is a 14 year old young woman named Anita. She came to the church for the first time a couple of months ago with her grandpa who is the only member in her family. She has been coming consecutively for the past couple of weeks and is really being accepted by the ward and especially the young women. Yesterday we went to a members for lunch and Anita was there. She came up to Zuster Jeffs and I and said, „I really want to get baptized. What do I need to do in order to do that?“We were so excited! We explained the process to her and set up our first appointment to teach her this Saturday at the member’s home. Her parents know about her desire and are very supportive. So cool! We'll be setting a baptismal date on Saturday!
We have decided to give Suleyka a little time to decide what she wants to do. We had a couple of appointments with her this week but she is just not making progress and we feeling like we are just having to pull her along. It is hard to give someone back to the Lord but I know He will make sure that when the time is right, things will work out.
On Tuesday we went to the doctor’s appointment...and I am totally normal! He did say that my iron was a little low but nothing he is worried about. This week I have been feeling a lot better and I contribute that to your prayers. Thank you so much! The doctor just told me that I demand too much of myself and I need to take it easier. Zuster Jeffs started to laugh and said, "Zuster Sharp that is the 50th time you've heard that from 50 different people. Are you finally going to listen?!" I am trying to listen. I am really trying!
Tuesday evening we made dinner for Jolanda and Jeroen to thank them for everything they do for us! We made a rockin’ raspberry bread pudding...I can't wait to make it for you in a couple of weeks! We also had a lesson with Brigitte and she gave me the most amazing African skirt as a going away gift. It is awesome!
The consecrated hour project is going so well! So far we have contacted 350 people, found 10 potential investigators, and 3 new investigators. The faith of the members is working miracles! The ward is fired up about it!
We had a Zone Training on Thursday! I love being with all of the missionaries. It was sad to know that that was my last. I had to give my departing testimony. It was a great opportunity to stand and bear my testimony.
On Friday we had lessons with Silvester and Mary. Silvester is really struggling to make a decision so we are going to fast with him and Victoria and brother Scherf on Wednesday. I hope that he will have a strong confirmation of the truthfulness of these things. Mary is doing about the same. She came to church yesterday!
You might think I am crazy but I couldn't pass up the chance to bake 300 cookies this week for the members after church! I was a little smarter about it and I started on Saturday instead of Sunday. They ended up being a hit again! I also gave a sort of "farewell” talk in church and it was wonderful to be able to express my testimony, love, and gratitude to these wonderful people!
I am so looking forward to this coming week! I hope that you know that I love you! I know the Savior lives and I love Him!
Love, Laur

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