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February 1, 2010: The week of miracles!

Happy February! Can you believe that we are already one month down for this year...time is flying by! Thank you so much for your e-mails, Mom, Dad, Brooke, and Derek! I am so excited that Becca is going to Virginia! Be sure to congratulate her for me!
It has been another wintry white week here in Zwolle. This is the first time that the Netherlands has had this much snow in 15+ years so I am thankful I get to be a part of it! Sadly, I took Zuster Wieland out this week while we were biking. We were on our way home from an appointment and it had ïjsselled (it rains but the ground is so cold that it immediatly turns to ice when it hits) so the paths were really slick! We were biking along and my bike just went right out from under me and right in front of Zuster Wieland. I don't know how we land so softly and gracefully every time but after sitting on the ground mangled in our bikes for a few minutes, and laughing really hard, we were back up and on our way again! Oh, the joys of being on a bike...or better yet, Zuster Sharp on a bike!
I'll share with you my three highlights of this past week! On Wednesday we were knocking doors and met a young man (maybe 17 years old) named Dustin. After talking with him for a few minutes we found out that he lost his mother only 3 weeks ago and him and his brother were the only ones left in his family. They were really busy with all of the legal stuff, especially trying to work it out so that they could keep their house. We were able to share with him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. The next day Zuster Wieland and I were talking and we decided that we wanted to make dinner for him and his brother and take it to them on Saturday. We got everything ready Saturday afternoon and took it to the door. Luckily he was home and we were able to give it to him and it was one of those most sweet and tender mercies to have a moment to really be the Lord's hands on the earth for just a few minutes. I think that Dustin was very touched and felt the love of God at that time. I hope that we can make contact with him again soon!
On Friday night we had another appointment with Nanda! It was the most amazing appointment that I have had in my whole mission! We watched "The Restoration"video with her and she thought it was so miraculous. The spirit was there and Zuster Wieland and I were able to bear really powerful testimony. Nanda shared with us some of her experiences in her life that let her know that God has a specific plan for her and she feels like maybe the church will become a big part of that. She was excited to pray that night and ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet...I am anxious to see what she felt when she prayed. She was not able to come to church because she already had plans for Sunday but we have an appointment with her on Wednesday night and Zuster Gerrits, the RS president, will be our joint teach. Zuster Gerrits has an amazing conversion story and I know that her testimony will really help Nanda!
Zuster Wieland and I were asked to give the combined lesson for priesthood and RS on Friday night so we hurry and put something together for church yesterday. Willeke was at church but we were nervous that no other investigators would show up. After we started the lesson you would never believe who walked in...Ilse! That was her first time at church and we were definitely not expecting that! Then a member, Bro Ajubi, walked in with another couple and their baby! We had 5 investigators in church yesterday! The couple, Terrence and Petra, set up an appointment to meet with us this Thurday and we can hardly wait! They are really searching for the truth and we are excited to see the miracles that will happen!
We also had great appointments with Mike, Salwa, and Anita. We are expecting to have an appointment with Dalia and Raymond this week so we are anxiouis to see how they go.
I love you so much and thank you for your prayers. I know that the Lord, Jesus Christ lives and that he loves us SO much! I keep you in my prayers and am so thankful for your support and love! HAve a great week!
LoveZuster Sharp

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