Monday, March 1, 2010

We received Lauren's email today and she will be transferred out of Zwolle on Wednesday. She will be serving in Groningen which is about 50 miles north of Zwolle. Her new address is:

Zuster Lauren Sharp
D.D Eisenhowerstraat 38
9728 RW Groningen

She also has a slight change to her email address:

Just a note: Her birthday is March 21, so be sure to remember her!!!


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  2. I've decided that I am going to begin right this very now and comment.comment.comment on your blog. As many times as I think about it actually. [I shall also endeavor to pen a missive and send it in an actual envelope--via snail-mail. In a minute, though.] I have thought about you more times than I have written--which is little consolation, I know. Blah. BlAh I say.

    I had forgotten that we shared the MaRvElOuS MoNtH of MaRcH as a birthday month. Birthday month twins. I heart that. You know--I doubt that you will even be reading this until AFTER your mission--which would indicate that as slowly as the snail-mail doth go--it will reach you before this one does. I think.

    Regardless--allow me to say: HaPpY WoNdErFuL BiRtHdAy to HaPpY and WoNdErFuL YoU! I hope that the day is filled with so much JoY and HaPpY and CeLeBrAtIoN that your rosy cheeks become weary from smiling. I've been reading the notes and the book that you gave me. I heart that I know you. I heart that you love Heavenly Father and His Son and your family and anyone else who has the good fortune of knowing with you. What a blessing you are to humankind. Glad that you were born, Birthday Girl. Much love to you, Sister Jones.