Monday, March 1, 2010

February 22, 2010: We saw the miracles that come after the trial of faith!

I love you so much and I have to thank you for all of your prayers and your faith! We had a week full of miracles and we met ALL of our goals. That is the first time ever that that has happened! Thank you so much for your e-mails, Mom, Dad, Brooke, and Carli! I also received the Valentine's package...oh my goodness! That was so sweet of you and I could feel the love! I wore the shirt yesterday to chaurch and it is so cute and I can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear the jacket. I keep trying it on every morning just to make sure it is still cute...and it is! The treats were also very tasty, the cards were so uplifting, and the pictures were so much fun to see. I could just look at the pictures all day long! The kids are getting so big! You have all been in my prayers this week and I will keep on praying for each one of you personally because my testimony of the power of prayer has just exploded this week!
Last week I had told you that everything had kind of fallen through as far as appointments go and almost every investigator had dropped us. Well, this week we were blessed with double, if not triple, the blessings and miracles. It would take hours to fill you in on everything so I will just share a few of my personal favorite moments.
On Thursday we had an appointment with William and it was so awesome! When we arrived we followed up with his reading assignment that we had given him with the Book of Mormon and it was amazing to hear him say that he had read and that he had a hard time putting it down to do anything else. He had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith so we watched "The Restoration"video with him. The room was so full of the Spirit, a feeling of calmness, peace, and warm. At the end of the film, we asked him if he would take the time that night to ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet. He said, "You know, I think that we are sometimes a little ungrateful for what God has given us. He already told me during the video that Joseph Smith was a prophet so why would I ask him again? I know that he was a prophet of God."He then went on to say that he was excited for his baptism and to continue learning and attending the church services. I was very humbled by the experience and I am so excited to set a baptismal date with him this week!
Friday night we had an appointment with Naioka. It was our first appointment with her and in the beginning she was pretty closed. But after we bore testimony I could physically see that her heart started to soften. By the end of the appointment she invited to stay and eat dinner with her and her daughter. We ate pigtail and sauerkraut! It was actually really tasty and she invited us back for a second appointment!
Sunday, we had 2 new investigators in the church! Roda brought her sister and brother in law and we have an appointment with them as well! They really loved hearing about the hope of the plan of salvation and the possibility of being together forever!
In total, we had 3 new investigators at church, we found 3 new investigators, and we gave away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon last week! We have a busy schedule this week with all of our follow up appointments and making contact with potential investigators. Our investigators now are William, Willeke, Dennis, Nylees, Ety, Dustin (he is the one we took dinner to and he is coming to church with us next week!), Naioka, and Mike. Thank you for your prayers in their behalf!
I love you so much and I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. His greatest manifestation of that love is his son Jesus Christ! They live and this is their kingdom on the earth! I hope that you have a great week and continue to find joy in the journey! You are in my prayers and in my heart!
Love,Zuster Sharp

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