Monday, March 1, 2010

January 11, 2010:So Good to Hear From You

HELLO! I can't believe that this week is my 6th month mark. Time is just flying by and I don't think that it is going to slow down a bit! This is also the last week of my 3rd just seems like yesterday that I was telling you how excited I was to be staying in Zwolle! I am still hoping that I stay here another transfer-I just love this place so much and I feel a special attachment to the people here. But I know that I will have that wherever I go and that the Lord has a specific plan for me. By next Monday I should know what is going down so I will keep you posted!
I was so glad to hear that your New Year's Party was a success and that you had a wonderful birthday, Mom! What a blessing it was to hear that Grandpa is doing well again after another scary episode. We are sooo blessed and I just can't thank Heavenly Father enough! I keep you all in my prayers all of the time and I can still feel the immense power of your prayers! I wasn't feeling to great on Wednesday and I ended up sleeping through the morning but luckily by the time we normally would go out I had enough energy to make it out the door. I was nervous that I was getting an ear infection but I loaded up on the vitamin C and tried to stay really bundled up! The ear warmers, scarves, socks, and gloves really helped!
The work is starting to pick up again and we are seeing so many miracles and so much success! Sadly, Kevin is having a lot of legality issues and might have to leave the country in 20 days so he has been really stressed. We were able to meet with him for about 20 minutes on Wednesday morning and we still call him or text him everyday. I find comfort in knowing that he has such a desire to be baptized and to have a testimony that he will search the church out wherever he goes. We had a lesson with Mike last Monday and we shared with him the Tree of Life. He loved it! He was able to apply the vision to his life and he really felt the Spirit. The member who came with us as our joint-teach invited us and him to come to dinner at her house so we will be able to teach him there. That will be tomorrow night and I am so excited to see how it goes! We had a lesson with Willeke on Wednesday and she is making progress, bit by bit. She was planning on coming to church yesterday but church was cancelled again because of the snow! I just have to tell you, I was so excited for church and I wanted it to go through so bad that I even ironed all my clothes on Saturday and packed a lunch. Sunday morning when I heard our cell phone ring at 8:30 I did 'not want to answer because I knew I wasn't going to like the news! Oh well! 'Hopefull we'll have it next week! We have an appointment with Ilse and Nanda this week! We have lost almost all contact with Mehrdad. I think that he is having legality issues as well but hopefully it will pick back up! We met a new lady, Salwa, on the train to Kampen and she was so excited to receive a Book of Mormon! We have an appointment with her on Sunday!
Things with members are going really well. News is going around the Branch that I love to organize so Tieneke had us come over on Saturday and we helped her clean out her computer room...I loved it! We had a lot of member lessons this week and we are just trying to get the members pumped about the new year! Everyone has set goals to do missionary work and they are already feeling the spirit of it.
It is really cold hand warmers even froze because it was so cold! The people on the news recommend only being out for 2 hours because longer than that could cause frostbite...kind of crazy! My bike is all repaired now and it was really a blessing! It only cost 25 euros and it took only 4 hours. Sadly, my zipper on one of my boots broke last night so I will be buying some new ones today! Lots to laugh about!
We had a funny experience on Saturday! I had the feeling to call one of the members in the branch and she told me that they had to put their dog to sleep and she was really sad. I told Zr. Wieland about it and then she told the Branch president when we saw him Saturday afternoon. All of a sudden it hit me that maybe I didn't understand her correctly and maybe her dog was just sick. I started to go into a panic, knowing that the Branch president would call them to give his condolences and would if the dog was still alive! I felt bad but I kind of had a prayer in my heart that the dog was dead! Zr. Wieland, on the other hand, was hoping that the dog was still alive so she could have a good laugh if it was a mistake with the language. We decided to take them a card to see if the dog was dead or alive...and luckily I had understood it correctly! I would have never lived that one down in the branch!
Well, I have to go but know that I love you so much! This last week I really learned a lot about faith-your quote really touched me, Mom! All of your letters mean so much to me...I can just feel your love through them! Have a great week!

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