Monday, March 29, 2010

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!!!

Hello Family! Thank you so much for making my birthday so special...and SO emotional! I waited until yesterday morning to open up my package. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You made my 22nd birthday so special and unforgettable! I also had just a wonderful day of missionary work for my birthday! Joanne was confirmed, we had a great meeting with the Bishop, we had dinner with Familie Sprott, we did some finding, attended part of a fireside, and I got a special phone call from Zuster and President Brubaker and they sang Happy Birthday to me too! I don´t think the day could have been better!
So many amazing things happened this week! First of all, Joanne and William were baptized! The joy that I felt at Joanne´s baptism was indescrible. She was so happy and the Spirit was unbelievably powerful. She had so much support from Ward members and friends and family, the whole chapel was full. I was blessed to be able to play the piano for the service and I was so happy that there was something I could do to help out. I felt just so humbled during the whole service. Joanne´s baptism and confirmation on Saturday and Sunday were the most humbling and amazing moments ever where I realized that I do nothing in this work. I am just here to arrange a few things but the Lord does the rest. I honestly have to say that I did nothing to bring Joanne or William to the waters of baptism-they were led by the Lord through the Spirit the whole way. I am so thankful for the missionaries, Zuster Gulliver, Zuster Ekstrom, Zuster Stapleton, Zuster Wieland, Elder Hymas, and Elder Baer, who did so much to prepare them for this wonderful and pivotal event in their life and I feel so blessed and humbled that I was able to witness it. I finally understood and applied the principle President Brubaker has been trying to teach since I have been here-that we are all doing this work together! I did not have an investigator get baptized. WE, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, brought Joanne and William to the Lord through baptism! SO AMAZING!
We saw a lot of other miracles this week in the work. We met a lady named Sandra who was walking down the street and we started to talk toher. When she found out that we were missionaries she started to laugh at us but we just kept talking. We walked and talked with her for about ten minutes and in that short of an amount of time she had a change of heart. She asked us out of the blue if we wouldn´t mind praying for her. She said that she was addicted to smoking and that her sister had just committed suicide but that she thought that our prayers could help her. We stopped right then and, in the middle of the street, said a prayer for her. The spirit was so powerful and she gave us her contact information after that. The spirit truly does do all of the work. We are going to visit her this week.
We also set a date with a member, Gisela, who has been inactive for almost 15 years, to come back to church on April 18. She is 29 and has been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and is finally ready to make the step to come back. We are so excited for her.
We still have Emily as an investigator but all of the others are not interested. Luckily we found two new ones this week...Aza and Camara. They are both from South Africa and they are both really excited to meet with us! That is always a good sign!
President and Zuster Brubaker will be coming on Wednesday to visit our apartment. We are going to make lunch for them and we know it will be a special experience with them.
I want you to know that I love you so much! You are in my prayers everyday! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! Have a great week!
Love, Laur
P.S. Mom, I did the challenge! I wrote in my journal every day this week! How did it go with your challenge? Thanks so much for pushing me to be better!

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