Monday, March 1, 2010

January 25, 2010: I'm experiencing the joy of missionary work!

Hello Family! Tell Becca that I am so excited that she is going on a mission and I can't even wait to hear where she is going to go!!! I will be writing to her soon, and all of the rest of you too! Thanks so much for the e-mails last week, they were great!
I can't even begin to express the joy that I am experiencing from doing this work! I feel like I have finally committed myself to serving with all of my "heart, might, mind, and strength"and it is just so amazing! When I first got here in the Netherlands I considered lunch and dinner times to take a break and relax for myself but now all I want to do is hurry and eat something quick and easy so that I can get right back to work. This is such an amazing and special time in my life to be able to dedicate every minute to serving the Lord and I want to make the most of it!
I can't even believe how many miracles we have seen this week! We found two new investigators, Ramon and Dalia, and we had a whopping total of 17 lessons! We also had two investigators at church yesterday, Willeke and Nanda, and we have a very busy week starting tomorrow! Zwolle is really beginning to explode and I am seeing little glimpses of what he has in store for this city.
I want to share with you how we ended up finding Ramon and Dalia because they are just such amazing stories. Ramon is a 60 year old man that we met the day that our district did the bagpipe finding in the centrum in Zwolle. We gave him a Book of Mormon then, that was in November, but we struggled to make contact with him after that. We finally got an appointment set up for this past Thursday and we found a ward member to go with us to visit him. He had already read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon and was so interested in finding the truth. He said that he had been searching for the truth for all of his life but has never been able to find a church that can answer all of his questions. We told him we could! He said that he wants to find a church where there is a leader called of God who he can follow...WOW! We were able to share with him a little bit about Joseph Smith and we gave him a big reading assignment. We are meeting with him again this Wednesday!
On Saturday we decided to go and visit Mike because he had surgery on Friday but we thought that we would just have to say "hello"on the door because he lives alone and we didn't have another woman to come on joi'nt-teach with us. Turns out, his 23 year old daughter, Dalia, was there so we were able to go in! Mike said, "You two actually came at just the right time because me and my daughter were just having a discussion about the purpose of life and I told her she should maybe talk to you." He had already given her the pamphlet to read about the Plan of Salvation and she really found a lot of answers to her questions in there but we sat and cleared up more of her questions for 45 minutes! She was finding so much peace and comfort in the answers that we were giving her that she made an appointment with us to be able to teach her and her dad together! SO COOL! We will teach them on Thursday as well!
The Lord is so merciful and willing to help us if we ask for it! I am so thankful for the many miracles I see everyday! Thank you so much for your prayers and love and everything you do to support me! I love you so much and I hope you have a great week!Love,Zuster Sharp

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