Monday, March 1, 2010

February 8, 2010: Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all!

Hello! How are you doing? Thank you so much for the e-mails, Brooke, Dad, and Mom! I hope that you have had a wonderful week to start of the month of February!
I have had the most amazing week ever! Actually, only one of our appointments with investigators went through, Mike is the only investigator that we still have, and Willeke was the only one who came to church...but we still saw so many miracles and I feel so blessed! Monday night we went to Familie Knarren's for FHE and dinner and they totally had a miraculous change! We had been praying fervently for them that things would start going better for them and that they would feel the love of our Heavenly Father and on Monday, before we arrived at their home, they both had had experiences where they felt His love and now have a renewed desire to recommit themselves to the gospel. When they shared their experiences with us on Monday night, I couldn't help but get a little teared up knowing that Heavenly Father is so loving that he heard our prayers and blessed the Knarrens.
Tuesday, we had District Meeting in Apeldoorn and set a goal to have 3 baptisms within our district by the end of the transfer. We made a list of potential candidates for baptism and we are praying for them. We only have 3 weeks left in the transfer so we are just waiting to see the miracles happen! Tuesday night we went out to Dedemsvaart to eat dinner with Zuster Lubberink, an 80 year old member of our branch. She is such a sweet lady and sure took care of us with hot chocolate, cookies and a delicious dinner! It made me feel like I was at Grandma and Grandpa Buchanan's our Grandma Sharp's for a few felt so much like home!
Wednesday we did some finding in the Centrum. We counted the number of people we talked to in our finding hour and our total came to a whopping 53! We then took the train to Hardenberg where we did another hour of finding. On the end of our hour, we met an older man who invited us in to talk to him and his wife. Turns out, he had done some family history research at the church genealogy library that is in Apeldoorn and he had attended one of our church services in Arnhem. The church is truly spreading the earth! He asked us to explain the plan of salvation to him. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said that he doesn't believe what we believe but that he is interested in finding out more. At the end we said, "When you read the Book of Mormon and find out it is true, you can call us and be baptized!" We all laughed! We then said, "What was your name?" He said, "Mr....I mean, Brother Gerit." I know that he was joking as well but hopefully someday he really will become a member. Zr. Gerrits came and picked us up and we had a wonderful meeting together making plans for what we can do to support the RS. Our big focus is VT and we have some great plans lying ahead. She also asked us if we would be willing to give the lesson this week in RS. It will be on agency from the Gospel Principles book. I am so excited! Wednesday night we had our appointment with Nanda and she had had a total change. She said that she is not interested in joining our church because she can't do it with her family situation. We don't know what happened to make her lose so much interest but it was so sad. She doesn't want us to come back and visit until the end of February. We are keeping her in our prayers!
Thursday, Therrence, Petra, and Ramon dropped us but we found 3 inactive members that want to meet with us and another woman that we will be sharing a video about Christ with this week. Friday I went on exchanges in Groningen and was blessed to work with Zuster Gulliver! I really learned so much from her! Saturday, Zr. Wieland was sick so I spent a lot of the day making phone calls. Sunday was wonderful, as usual! We had a great testimony meeting and it pumped me up to start another great week!
I love you all and I hope that you are doing well! You are in my prayers! This church is true and it is what brings all of the joy and happiness in my life. I am so thankful to be able to share it with others. Being a member of the church is never a burden, but always a blessing! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us! They love you so very much and are so happy with the wonderful things you are doing! Have a great week and know that I am thinking about you!Love,Laur

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